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A denture is used to replace lost or missing teeth and can ensure that you are still able to smile with confidence.

Dentures can be full meaning that they replace all the teeth on either your upper or lower jaw or partial meaning that they will fill the spaces left by lost or missing teeth. Partial dentures are often secured with clasps which fit round your remaining teeth. This helps to make the denture more secure.

Dentures can either be made from acrylic or chrome cobalt metal. Your dentist will be able to advice on the best material for your denture depending on your oral health history.

Benefits of Dentures:
  • ✔ Dentures are made specifically to fit your mouth so they are comfortable
  • ✔ They help prevent a sagging facial muscles
  • ✔ Easy to adjust
  • ✔ Cost effective
  • ✔ They are made to function as normal teeth

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